Growing up, I often struggled with feeling smart enough or funny enough. I frequently felt that I did not know who I was, or how I ticked.  I often attempted to do what other people wanted me to do, living in their “shoulds.”  In endeavoring to inject what others wanted for my life, I inevitably lost myself in a confusing quagmire of a life that was not truly mine.

My teacher, John Demartini, taught that what you perceive most missing in your life becomes that which you want most in your life.  In my case, I wanted to feel smart, funny and worthy of knowing the deeper aspects of my being.

As I look back on my life and all that I have done; 4 years as a personal trainer, 17 years as a massage therapist, 20 years studying various meditation disciplines, 20 years as a yoga practitioner, 5 years as a Perceptual Balancing Your counselor and therapist, Will Etheridge.Specialist, 5 years as a Value Systems Expert, a masters level trained Body Psychotherapist; I see how my greatest challenges have now become my greatest strengths. These strengths are now my skills that I use to help others to find their true authenticity so that they can become empowered, & inspired individuals.  These skills have become my genius; my expertise and I find myself growing in them each day. These are the skills that I use to free you from a limiting story you have been telling yourself and help you live the life of your dreams!

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