How much are you spending on your habit? How much $ and job opportunities are you losing because of “sick days”?



How scattered is your mind? How up and down are you emotions?



How many relationships have been damaged or lost? How isolated are you starting to feel?

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Addiction is one of the most corrosive and destructive forces on this planet.  It is a greedy & jealous mistress that wants you all to herself.  When addiction spirals out of control it can rob you of your job, destroy valuable relationships, and land you in jail or worse. It ultimately erodes your character to the point of not even recognizing yourself.  What started out as an innocent pleasurable experience has turned into a need so powerful you cannot see anything else.  Friends & family become a means to getting you your next fix, & life takes on a very narrow and shallow existence, all for the end goal of meeting this insatiable urge.

What if you were able to break free from the destructive grip addiction has on you?  What type of life would be in store for you then?

At Telos counseling we do not hold that addiction is the enemy, we feel quite the contrary, we see that addiction has the potential of being one of your most powerful teachers, especially if you look at it the right way.  We will take you through a process to show you why your particular addiction is in your life and how you can deeply learn from it.  We will show you powerful alternative strategies to live a more meaningful life and ultimately show you how your addiction is truly blocking you from having the life of your dreams.  You cannot let go of anything until you have learned from it fully and the same goes for addiction.  Once you have fully learned why it is in your life will be the moment the addiction lets you go.

People who have gone through this process have:

  • Felt true freedom that evaded them for years
  • Gotten back to a life of meaning and purpose
  • Rekindled relationships they once thought were lost
  • Used the powerful knowledge they learned from the addiction to create beautiful and powerful lives

Our Expert Depression Therapist: Will Etheridge

To break you of an addiction Will Etheridge will take you through a comprehensive process where you:

  • Will deeply learn about the addiction and why it is in your life
  • Will learn about all the triggers that keep you mired in the addiction
  • Will systematically break down those triggers so they don’t keep dragging you down the rabbit hole again and again
  • Will create a paradigm of new and healthy choices that facilitate a more meaningful life
  • Will once and for all break the fantasy to the addiction and the addiction itself and set you free to live the life that is most fulfilling to you

The moment you fully learn why this particular addiction is in your life and you see an even greater life that is achievable beyond the addiction, will be the moment the addiction lets you go into a new paradigm of freedom and choice.