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Traditonal Therapies see a human behavior shift in 30-50 sessions,

Wee see a human behavior shift in 12-15 sessions.


How many business opportunities have you lost because of worry?



How scattered is your mind and how much time are you wasting at second guessing everything? Do you have any peace of mind?



How much stress is your anxiety putting on your intimate and personal relationships?


When anxiety takes the drivers seat, it controls your world.

Anxiety Page

For each person, there is different degree of intensity with anxiety.  Everyone experiences anxiety. Whether you are aware of what you are anxious of, or it is deeply embedded in your unconscious, anxiety has control over you in those moments.

However, when anxiety whirls out of control, you can feel trapped in its grip and spin around and around in worry of what could happen.  It creates a monotonous and repetitive loop of all the “what if’s” that could happen, of which 99% never come to pass.  Anxiety that is not dealt with can and often drops down into the unconscious causing you to live with a faceless and nameless nemesis.  It can be a constant companion that lives in the recesses of your psyche, which attacks without warning, as a tiger does when going after its prey.  This type of anxiety can send you into a panic that doesn’t seem to have any connection with any impending threat, however has the power to paralyze you on the spot.

Imagine how much of your life you are missing by being constantly anxious? If you were free from this type of stress how much clarity and traction do you think you would have to create the life you want?  

Here at Telos Counseling, we will guide you through a process of unlocking and understanding the source of your anxiety.  Together we will search for all the new skill sets developed directly from living with anxiety and unveil the insights that helped balance your perception around anxiety. This process will help free you from the anxiety itself and:

  • Get more of you in your life
  • Get back on track and accomplish the goals in your career that anxiety was blocking you from
  • Eliminate Brain Noise & gain traction on important life goals
  • Have more of yourself back to develop more meaningful lasting relationships

Our Expert Anxiety Therapist:  Will Etheridge

To alleviate your anxiety, Will Etheridge will guide you through a powerful process where you will neutralize anxiety through learning about it.  Since anxiety is a form of feedback that is trying to get your attention, learning from it, dissolves it. Unlike traditional therapies that bring you back into the pain of the anxiety in order to work with it, you will be looking at the skill building, hidden gems and learning within the anxiety itself to free you from its grip.   This is a relatively painless process that brings you the maximum insight that transforms doubt and worry on the spot. You will not need to let your anxiety go after you gain the wisdom from it, it will let you go.  With your anxiety gone, you now have the energy and inspiration to live your life the way you want to.

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will etheridge, counselor and therapist

I suffered from a paradigm of anxiety growing up. Part of it stemmed from not knowing who I was or what I wanted to do with my life. I constantly questioned and doubted myself and as a result, being around my friends and other people was very difficult. I didn’t feel like I fit in. As I grew older this doubt and worry grew and took on a more complex story. I worried about my future, if this person or that person liked me, if I was good enough and if I was going in the right direction with my life. I rarely felt grounded and certain in the decisions I made.

It was only when I took back the reins of my life and faced my fears, worries and doubts and took the time to learn from them that this paradigm of anxiety started to dissolve. Instead of running from it, which was only creating a monster, I turned 180 degrees and faced my nemesis and asked it what it was trying to teach me. As I stayed with my anxiety and learned from it, something remarkable happened, that monster, which frightened and caused me so much pain and loss of precious time, became my teacher and taught me about myself. When the learning was complete, so was the anxiety. This is the process I will take you on, a journey that will teach you the most extraordinary things about yourself, learning that will free you.

We once had a client that would have panic attacks, which would come on suddenly, with no apparent cause. These panic attacks did not discriminate in when or where they would appear. They would happen in the grocery store, in a yoga class, at her place of business or when she was out with friends. As she was curled up in a ball in the restaurant, barely able to breath, her embarrassment and public shame doubled the effects of the panic attack. As time went on they increased in frequency and in strength. Our client eventually started to hold herself up in her house out of fear she would have another compromising panic attack out in public. Not only was she paralyzed by fear, she was building an arsenal of embarrassment and shame as a result of feeling helpless and ineffectual in these moments of panic. Anxiety was clearly in the driver’s seat and running her life.

Because she was not asking the questions to unlock why the anxiety was in her life, it was remaining unconscious and in control and reeking havoc in her life. Once we showed her that her anxiety was serving a purpose in her life, and instead of it being a constant threat and weakness in her life, it was now strength. Today, she is living her life in freedom without the worry of being paralyzed by another panic attack. What once shackled her has become the strength and clarity with which she lives her life today.

I've used Will's services and referred others to him as well. His approach is really unique in that I never found myself "talking through" stuff, but he helped me immediately take action steps that shifted my underlying understanding. I came out more grateful, at ease, and feeling powerful and capable. I've been moved to tears (of inspiration) just by going through an exercise with him one time, and in a matter of minutes, my own self-worth and value had been increased exponentially. For those of you looking for a more permanent shift in how you view your life circumstances, relationships, career, I would highly recommend Will. This is not traditional therapy. This is not about you just voicing your concerns and having someone listen, in order to help you feel understood. Will's work is about deep understanding and transformational action. Will is also hilarious, kind, professional, and the investment won't break the bank. It's totally worth it. ~ Jared Gruhl (Chiropractor & Nutrition Specialist)

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