If you come to see me, you usually have a struggle in your life that you are not able to get through on your own. It may be anxiety in your job, or stress that keeps you up most nights, or relationship struggles that are bogging down your life, but what ever is bringing you in, you want alleviated as soon as possible. As a human behaviorist I clearly show you the patterns that you are stuck in that are making your life filled with repetitive pain, shame, guilt, and resentment, and that can make you feel trapped and feel like you’re living a small, unfulfilling life. You can liken your issues and struggles to a story that you keep telling yourself over and over that ends up digging a big hole that you can not climb out of.

I use my skill as a Human Behavior Specialist to guide a client in a simple, methodological process of questioning that very effectively facilitates a client in experiencing presence, certainty and gratitude by radically transforming the story that is causing so much pain. This scientific process of questioning completely balances lopsided perceptions by showing the client the insight, learning that is necessary to re-write their story. Remember,  your perception of the world, shapes your world, and creates the concepts, which you then live in. By re-writing your story in this way, you take the reins back and live the life you want, a life of empowerment, inspiration and greater meaning. You then realize that your world was bigger than you realized and you can be comfortable in your skin while you live in it.