We provide therapy and counseling services.Welcome to the Telos Counseling blog feed! As the months fly by, we’ll be delving into various therapy and counseling topics. Feel free to stay posted as we discuss life, personal obstacles, personal development, news surrounding therapy and counseling, and facts and figures surrounding the realm of mental health and personal growth. We strive to keep our followers aware of the beauty of life, informed of advancements in therapy, and connected to mental health and personal growth resources.

Here at Telos Counseling, our goal is to aid you in attaining optimal mental health, pursuing self-development, and overcoming obstacles that may otherwise hold you back. Will Etheridge – your local Denver area trained and practiced human behaviorist and body psychotherapist – guides individuals through his practice of counseling and various therapy techniques. Will has decades of experience in his therapy fields, including four years of experience as a personal trainer, 15 years of practice as a massage therapist, 17 years studying various meditation disciplines, 20 years as a yoga practitioner, and years of training as a Body Psychotherapist (you can learn more about body psychotherapy here), Play Therapist, Counselor, and Trained Demartini Method Facilitator. Learn more about Will and his counseling and therapy styles in this video, or feel free to learn about the Demartini Method here.

If you’d like to learn more about Telos Counseling, Will Etheridge, and the many Telos therapy techniques, feel free to get in touch today. Also, drop Will a line if you’d like to schedule a therapy and counseling appointment.