self development counselingDid you know that this form you inhabit now will never exist again after you leave this beautiful planet? You are that unique and special. There will never be another you as you are manifest now, ever.

You have something truly special to offer this world. This special “something” is a compilation of all the things in your life that you truly love and that inspire you. What do you think about all the time? This is a clue to what lights you up. What you love to talk about? If it gives you energy and enthusiasm to talk about it, this is another clue to what you value. What do you have absolute discipline with, that no one else has to get you to do, you just do it and you do it every day? Yet another clue to what you love.

Now I know there’s a lot of talk and misconception of what purpose really is, but without complicating things, your purpose lies in what you naturally love to do. No one else has the same purpose as you do. No one else has the same love and inspirations you do. It’s YOUR individual, unique set of loves in your life. You are the only one who can create and manifest this specific purpose on this planet! In fact, no one in this world can manifest your purpose because they simply don’t have the value system to do so. Only you do.

Finding out what your fingerprint purpose isn’t hard, you just have to investigate what you love, and what inspires you. Find out what truly lights you up and you have a large part of the equation that just might light up the rest of your life.

When you are aligned with your purpose it will nudge you awake in the morning with zest and energy. It will send your mind thinking about all the ways you can express it. Your purpose gives you direction and an inner fortitude to accomplish just what needs to be done and it will send you on a life-long journey to accomplish it. When you are aligned with your purpose each step of the way contains that exhilarating love, whatever your individual expression of that love is. It is your greatest inspiration and teaching, to yourself and others. It is larger than you are, and can take longer than a lifetime to accomplish. And why not want something that inspires you daily to last longer than your life. It will test you to the brink and transform your life in the process.

When your purpose is awake within you and you have given yourself permission to follow its pull, it automatically sets your internal compass to your true north. It will guide you faithfully and you will meet each challenge that you face in its beautiful creation with the feeling of, “I can do this!”

If finding your purpose interests you, then give me a call and let’s start this amazing journey together. It is my deepest love and inspiration to help others discover a life of true meaning, creativity and inspiration through counseling and therapy.


Will Etheridge – MA Body Psychotherapist/Demartini Method Consultant/Value Systems Expert

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”I hired Will Etheridge recently to help me with the process of finding my purpose and creating career objectives based on my highest values. His skills as a psychotherapist and counselor are incredible, and in only a few months I’ve learned to identify countless new opportunities that exist around me, eliminate old baggage and have built new pathways of thought that are leading me to a happier, healthier, and more productive life. I HIGHLY recommend giving Will a chance to show you your true potential!”  – Client ~ Aventure Tour Guide