1. find personal development

    Find Your Fingerprint-Specific Purpose

    - Have you felt lost in your life? Do you struggle to find and clarify your purpose or life’s pursuit? Finding your fingerprint-specific purpose may aid you in answering these questions, aligning your strengths with your pursuits, and placing yourself on the path to personal development. As a personal development tool, your fingerprint specific purpose can aid you in pursuing a more fulfilling l…Read More

  2. counseling and therapy

    The DeMartini Method

    - Learn about the DeMartini Method, a therapy and counseling technique. Will Etheridge, your counselor and therapist here at Telos Therapy, speaks about the obstacles that can hinder our lives and leave us anxious. Through the DeMartini Method, we can gain a better understanding of these obstacles, neutralize negativity, and see both sides of a scenario. Through this deeper understanding, we can g…Read More

  3. body psychotherapy and counseling

    A Body Psycotherapy Overview

    - Learn about body psychotherapy as a therapy technique. Will Etheridge - your body psychotherapy counselor - speaks to the integration between body and mind, the importance of this relationship, and how we can utilize this mind-body bridge to gain awareness of our emotion and mental state. In this way, body psychotherapy can act as an aid to change mental cognition while simultaneously providing …Read More

  4. personal development and growth

    An Introduction by Will Etheridge

    - Meet Will Etheridge, human behaviorist and body psychotherapist. In this video, you’ll learn of Will’s background, Will’s therapy techniques, and the intent behind Will’s counseling and therapy sessions. If you’re looking to personally develop, overcome obstacles in your life, and find meaning in your pursuits, Will Etheridge - the founder, creator, and practitioner of Telos Counseling…Read More

  5. achieve personal growth

    Telos Consulting Blog Feed

    Welcome to the Telos Counseling blog feed! As the months fly by, we’ll be delving into various therapy and counseling topics. Feel free to stay posted as we discuss life, personal obstacles, personal development, news surrounding therapy and counseling, and facts and figures surrounding the realm of mental health and personal growth. We strive to keep our followers aware of the beauty of life, i…Read More