My world has been constantly witnessed through a cascade of people entering my life, sustaining my life, leaving my life, and at times destroying what I did not need in my life. Each person contains myriad reflections for me to learn from, if I choose. And the awareness of the depth of my being depends on the sweet effort of mining for the deeper understanding of each salient relationship.

One of the main constants in my life is the human beings that inhabit it. Each person is either a beautiful mirror, and at other times a horrific mirror from which to look into and see myself reflected there. Each judgment bouncing back to me, a sign of life making sure I don’t miss a single lesson. Each verdict, an example; each admiration, a chance to empower; each moment, a multifaceted chance to learn to love myself even more deeply. Life gives us everything. Do I have a vessel big enough to carry all that life has to offer? Is my heart strong enough to withstand the brilliance of life? Or do I shrink in this magnificent light?

Remember! Each person is in your life to teach you about yourself, ultimately in knowing that you are not separate, but a hologram of the whole universe reflected in that person standing before you. Each person, and each moment in your life, is the lesson before you. And if you truly learn from these moments, and these beings, your life will cease to be a patterned nightmare and you will open to the spontaneous and authentic moment as it is and live it. For each moment in your life is fresh, and new and waiting to be deeply imbibed, thoroughly enjoyed, and masterfully experienced.

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”I hired Will Etheridge recently to help me with the process of finding my purpose and creating career objectives based on my highest values. His skills as a psychotherapist and counselor are incredible, and in only a few months I’ve learned to identify countless new opportunities that exist around me, eliminate old baggage and have built new pathways of thought that are leading me to a happier, healthier and more productive life. I HIGHLY recommend giving Will a chance to show you your true potential!” – Client ~ Aventure Tour Guide