handsome young man thinking and confused, conceptSee if you can relate this story:

I hardly even noticed how lost I was before I found out what I wanted to do. My life was filled with days that would pass by, filled with mediocrity, gossip, garbage TV, the internet, and random and lame attempts to find something to fill my time. I would find myself complaining about how bored I was; that there was nothing to do. I watched hundreds, if not thousands of hours of TV, TV that I wasn’t even interested in, only to pass the time. I have spent endless hours on the computer surfing the internet, often not even interested in what I was finding. I found little joy in a day. However, I did find myself burrowing into other people’s business through social media, gossiping to whomever I could find about the latest piece of insignificant news that had nothing to do with furthering my life and everything to do to avoid the painful feeling of aimlessness and boredom that was gnawing at my being.

I jumped from career to career with only one eye open.

The estimate is that 95% of people in the U.S. do not really know what they want to do with their lives. They end up building up someone else’s dream for a paycheck, which they pay the bills with and anything left over goes towards the small things that give them temporary pleasure. A vicious daily cycle of going to work ensues, which does not inspire, only to come home to either numb out to the TV, or internet, or to engage in seemingly separate pleasures that are short lived, leaving them feeling hollow once again.

When I went to college, like most students, I had no idea what I wanted to study. I never even bothered to beg the question, so I did what most kids do and took a guess and went into the Psychology program at Arizona State University.

Knowing What I Want To Do Before I Go To College? What?!?!?!? Isn’t college where you go to figure that out? And why is it so important to know what your passion is before you go to college?

Lets start with some scary statistics about college attrition rates first. This is from a Harvard study:

  • Only 56 percent of the students who enter America’s colleges and universities graduate within six years.
  • 29 percent of students who enter two-year programs complete their degrees within three years.
  • Among 18 countries tracked by the OECD, the United States finished last (46 percent) for the percentage of students who completed college once they started it.
  • It is estimated that in the next decade America will lose 3 trillion dollars as a result of dropouts.

What does this mean for you as a prospective college student? Do you think you will be one of the lucky ones to choose your major right the first time? If you are thinking you might be, but are still in ‘guessing mode’, then the statistics are definitely not in your favor.

If you enter college like most of us, then you may be saying things like this:

  • “I think I want to study _________________, that sounds interesting.”
  • “I guess I’ll go into _________________________, because I have a better chance of getting a job when I get out.”
  • “I have no idea what I want to do, I’ll figure it out when I get there.”
  • “I’ll be a doctor, that is what my parents want me to be.”

Hearing yourself saying phrases like this indicates that you are in some level of a guess at choosing your major. It also indicates there is no certainty. You would probably have a better chance of choosing the right major by throwing a dart at a board of majors blindfolded. If you choose wrong, then you can expect much higher chances of:

  • Changing your major down the line, maybe more than once.
  • Spending a lot more on college tuition and living expenses. We are talking thousands of dollars.
  • Receiving a diploma that is worthless (to you) but you still have to pay back those loans attached to that diploma.
  • Not being able to get a job that can sufficiently pay back your loans.
  • Leaving college disillusioned, resentful, and deflated.

Taking a guess, any form of guess, and any level of guess without the certainty of knowing what you want to study leads to an ordinary education that is taken at face value. You will not retain much of this education because it is not attached to a strong desire to understand and want to know. And there is no retention of information that we do not care about. It goes in one ear and out the other. Your money will go from your bank account into the schools bank account, but you will have very little to show for it.

Please don’t guess, it’s just not worth it. I can take you through a scientific and systematic process whereby, you will:

~Discover an education that lights you up.

~Have an inspired educational journey and not an ordinary one.

~Guide your major into the career you want instead of your major guiding you.

~Make college a true financial and educational investment in your future.

Save yourself thousands of dollars by choosing the education that is perfect for you. Let me help you create the clarity that will guide you to a truly inspirational educational journey.

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Will Etheridge is a teacher and speaker of human behavior, a Body Psychotherapist, an artist and a trained Demartini Method facilitator. His mission is in maximizing human potential and drawing out the genius in whomever he encounters. Will’s expertise is in identifying the innate intelligence in his clients, helping them discover their mission and purpose, and providing the platform for them to launch their mission. What differentiates Will from the traditional therapist is the unique scientific process he employs to guide a client from their old repetitive story to new insights, inspiration, transformation, and gratitude.