man in the doorwayFailure is a part of life! It is feedback to ourselves that asks the questions: Where did I go wrong? What actions did I take or not take that resulted in my failure? What is my responsibility in this perceived failure? Can I rectify this problem so that I do not repeat it in the future?

When we fail, we are put through a test. Can we learn from our mistakes and pick ourselves back up again and keep on moving forward? An even bigger question is: Can I become stronger as a result of all my perceived failures in life? The answer to that question is, YES.

This is a very popular topic among my clients. Why? Everyone fails at something (or many things) at sometime in his/her life. And failure is a painful process that accompanies emotions such as anger, grief, confusion, guilt and shame. It is because of these emotions that most people avoid failing at any cost, and when they do, they want to put the failure behind them as soon as possible!

However, when we spend most of our time either, consciously or unconsciously, trying to avoid failure, we guarantee for ourselves a life of not really living. When we constantly want to remain in the protection of a safe and failure-free world, we don’t take the risks necessary to see what we are really good at, nor do we enter into the discovery process of finding what we really want to do in this world. If we keep persistent at something even though we might have failed at it many times this is a good clue that we value it and are willing to go through the challenges and failures necessary to learn and improve.

This is a question I pose to most of my clients: What do you think will be the end result of your life if you continue to protect yourself from failure or from taking risks?

You will have ultimately failed at living, and end up with intense regrets. Why? The feeling of regret is the result of not having followed your heart’s consent to follow your dreams. When you follow your dreams, your purpose, you will fail a lot in the journey. Failure is an inherent part of learning and growing. Failure is the other side of success. So when we look at what failure has taught us, we actually turn that failure into future successes. When we learn from our mistakes, we improve on how we approach that similar situation in the future, and as a result, we grow. Failure then has become our teacher and facilitates us in progressing on our path to our mission in life, which brings us into a world of inspiration that can only be had if we go through that doorway of risk.

So how do you learn from your failures? You use the similar process that I have talked about in my other writings. You ask the simple question: How are my failures, exactly as they are, a benefit to me? Or, how are each of my failures in life perfect to teach me about myself? Again, we have to ask and answer this question until we have true gratitude for the failures exactly as they have transpired! Gratitude is your benchmark to let you know that you have fully learned from each perceived failure. You may be asking and answering this question 20-50 times until you truly experience gratitude and it is worth it!

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Will Etheridge is a teacher and speaker of human behavior, a Body Psychotherapist, an artist and a trained Demartini Method facilitator. His mission is in maximizing human potential and drawing out the genius in whomever he encounters. Will’s expertise is in identifying the innate intelligence in his clients, helping them discover their mission and purpose, and providing the platform for them to launch their mission. What differentiates Will from the traditional therapist is the unique scientific process he employs to guide a client from their old repetitive story to new insights, inspiration, transformation and gratitude.

“I would like to thank you Will for introducing myself to this new profound therapy. It has truly brought a newfound sense of balance to my life and has given me a fresh start with my relationships. I also see myself in a different light, and now thoroughly believe that my future is a bright one. I look forward to the continuation of this work and will definitely keep my ear to the ground as far as other potential clients. Once again I appreciate everything and look forward to seeing you again.” ~Will Hill