1. Relationship Counseling: Like a Leaf Revolving in an Eddy

    To know yourself, you have to have the curiosity to ask quality questions that show you what you are not seeing about your life. Let’s look at this process of questioning through the lens of polarity. There is nothing in this universe that does not have one side without the other. There is no one-sided person. There is not kind without cruel, pleasure without pain, positive without negative. Sim…Read More

  2. Anger Management: What Do You Do When Your Boss Yells At You?

    When my emotions connect me to my heart, they become incredibly valuable and insight provoking. When I become mired and lost in my emotions, I then get washed away in that storm again and again! My emotions are a wonderful feedback to show me where I am out of balance. But how do I work with the feedback my emotions are showing me? Emotions can show me where I am polarized on an issue, with a pers…Read More

  3. Career Counseling: The Doorway of Risk

    Failure is a part of life! It is feedback to ourselves that asks the questions: Where did I go wrong? What actions did I take or not take that resulted in my failure? What is my responsibility in this perceived failure? Can I rectify this problem so that I do not repeat it in the future? When we fail, we are put through a test. Can we learn from our mistakes and pick ourselves back up again and ke…Read More

  4. Coping with death.

    Grappling With Death: A Loss of a Dear Friend

    I just had a friend pass recently and suddenly. He died of a massive heart attack at 45 years old and then he was gone. It was a total shock for me, as it was for most of his friends. The phrase; “and then he was gone” is what I am grappling with the most. How can we live such a sublime life - with the ability to experience profound love, joy, deep connection - with ourselves and others, and b…Read More

  5. Career Counseling: The Pain Of Guessing At My College Major

    See if you can relate this story: I hardly even noticed how lost I was before I found out what I wanted to do. My life was filled with days that would pass by, filled with mediocrity, gossip, garbage TV, the internet, and random and lame attempts to find something to fill my time. I would find myself complaining about how bored I was; that there was nothing to do. I watched hundreds, if not thousa…Read More

  6. Relationship Counseling: Learning from the Relationships in My Life

    My world has been constantly witnessed through a cascade of people entering my life, sustaining my life, leaving my life, and at times destroying what I did not need in my life. Each person contains myriad reflections for me to learn from, if I choose. And the awareness of the depth of my being depends on the sweet effort of mining for the deeper understanding of each salient relationship. One of …Read More

  7. rite of passage counseling

    Rite of Passage

    Rite of passage (noun) pl. rites of passage: A ritual or ceremony signifying an event in a person's life indicative of a transition from one stage to another, as from adolescence to adulthood. What does “rite of passage,” mean to you? What was your rite of passage like for you when you went from a young adult into adulthood? Was it filled with ceremony and ritual that infused the transition w…Read More

  8. self development counseling

    Career Consulting: The Genius of Pursuing What You Love

    Did you know that this form you inhabit now will never exist again after you leave this beautiful planet? You are that unique and special. There will never be another you as you are manifest now, ever. You have something truly special to offer this world. This special “something” is a compilation of all the things in your life that you truly love and that inspire you. What do you think about a…Read More

  9. achieve personal growth

    Telos Consulting Blog Feed

    Welcome to the Telos Counseling blog feed! As the months fly by, we’ll be delving into various therapy and counseling topics. Feel free to stay posted as we discuss life, personal obstacles, personal development, news surrounding therapy and counseling, and facts and figures surrounding the realm of mental health and personal growth. We strive to keep our followers aware of the beauty of life, i…Read More