How much are you spending on your habit? How much $ and job opportunities are you losing because of “sick days”?



Are you watching your life pass before you? Does your existence feel like one long dark & heavy experience?



Are you losing touch with your friends and family? Do you feel like people are giving up on you?


Depression Pic (1)

Depression robs you of a true connection with your loved ones, causes time to slip away imperceptibly, and leaves you with all that you have not accomplished. Depression traps you in your mind in an endless churning of how your life is not going the way you want.  When your expectations are not being met of how you wanted your life to go, your reality can seem quite drab, unfulfilled and even quite painful.

What if you could completely break free from your depression?  What would your life look like then?  How would you feel?

Here at Telos Counseling, we will guide you through a process of breaking down your unrealistic expectations that are binding you to depression. We will then show you where your life is working and help guide you in accomplishing goals that are most meaningful to you. We will clearly show you where you are most effective and capable.  Clients who have come to see us have:

  • Felt more lightness and freedom
  • Started to live a life that was truly meaningful for them
  • Set and accomplish goals that helped them feel successful
  • Reconnected to love ones that depression was keeping them from

Our Expert Depression Therapist: Will Etheridge

To alleviate your depression, Will will guide you through dismantling you fantasies that continuously set up unrealistic expectations that crash you on the shores of your reality.  He will then show you the brilliance of how you are living your life and help you build it from there.  The moment your fantasy and perceived negative reality are balanced in your mind, depression will cease to exist and you will be free to live your life in how it was meant to be lived.