Your purpose (Telos) is the greatest love that you offer back to this world. It is the most inspired direction you can take your life. Within it holds your greatest learning and insights. When you are truly in your purpose, it will nudge you awake in the morning and send your mind thinking about all the ways you want to create it! Your purpose gives you direction and an inner fortitude to accomplish just what needs to be done. It will send you on an inspired journey to master it. It will test you to the brink and transform you in the process. When your purpose is awake within you and you have given yourself full permission to follow it’s pull, it automatically sets your internal compass to your true north. It will guide you faithfully and you will meet each challenge that you face with the feeling of, “I can do this!”

Will Etheridge Is a Value Systems Expert and a Career Development Coach. He is dedicated to maximizing human potential within you and providing with you the essential tools they you need to live a productive, successful life. Through his practice, Will has discovered the crippling power that fear, shame, guilt, doubt, resentment, and regret have in paralyzing his clients in moving forward in their lives. Will helps them learn the tools to overcome these inner enemies, and unleash their human potential, helping them to create the lives they were meant to live!

Like most freshmen entering college, if you enter college with a vague or no idea of what you want to do it is one of the best ways to waste a lot of money and time. Most students do not find their inspiration by guessing at a degree and the result is intense regret and frustration. This takes a very specific process of questioning of yourself and of your values. If you shoot in the dark you are most likely to miss. What happens if you “miss” and either drop out of college or end up with a degree you have no idea what to do with? What about a degree you can’t use? And you still have to pay back those loans!

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