Will provides mind-body psychotherapy.

Mind-Body psychotherapy sees the mind-body link as intimately connected, whole, and containing fundamental health. As a Mind-Body Psychotherapist I attempt to address the many issues clients bring in by helping them feel into their embodied experience. I help facilitate clients in experiencing their body by dropping into inner sensations and embodied emotions. This aids in calming the mind, which helps the client to relax and drop into the therapeutic process much faster. In this way issues can be worked with in a safe and centered environment. Helping clients experience and explore their own inner body sensations and movements allows valuable body-based knowledge and body-based memories to surface. This facilitates the in-the-moment material for therapy. Because the body cannot lie, when accessed in these ways, it can lead to a plethora of valuable insights and connections, that help the client move through their issues and reach their goal for therapy. I also help clients see the body-as-a-resource whereby, clients can learn to calm themselves through breathing exercises and body based sensation exercises and learning to understand their emotions as they arise in the body. This teaches them that they can consciously calm and ground themselves and necessary. It is in this co-creation with the client that fosters a new embodied narrative/story from which to more fully experience their lives. It is in modeling, teaching and engaging the client in this approach where the principles of Body Psychotherapy come to life.

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