I highly recommend Will Etheridge.

I was in a disagreement with my partner and felt like I wanted what was happening to stop. I wanted off the roller coaster but didn’t know how to change our repetitive and cyclical arguments. I asked Will to help me and use his perceptual balancing techniques to do so. After an hour or so with Will, I felt completely different about the situation. I felt at peace. I had some breakthroughs during our talk and came to a place of acceptance and understanding. I talked with my partner later that day and felt that our conversation would have been a lot more rocky had I not talked with Will earlier in the day. It felt like the work of freeing up that energy on with Will had an impact on my boyfriend even before he and I started the conversation! I highly recommend Will Etheridge as a demartini facilitator and counselor. He helped me and my relationship tremendously.