Transform Your Most Important Relationships

I help you transform your relationship with yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you—so you can experience true freedom and shine.

About Me

Hey there! I’m Will Etheridge.

Let's co-create brilliant relationships.

I am a Masters-trained Somatic Psychotherapist (2012) and Human Behaviorist (2013). I help you re-pattern and balance your perceptions so you
can cultivate meaningful & fulfilling relationships with the people in your world who matter most. 

Unless you’re a monk in a cave, you’re in a relationship! If you let it, every relationship in your life has something profound to teach you."

my foundations

Explore your relationship to yourself, others, and the world around you.


What Clients Are Saying

“My life will never be the same! In just one day of working with Will, I was able to uncover, process, and resolve issues I have been stuffing down for 40 years!”

MElanie Cross

“What I like most is that I am able to use what Will teaches in the real world - he's helped me kick bad habits, be more productive at work, and be a better communicator.”

Timothy Hudson

"Every time I work with Will, I come out more grateful, at ease, feeling powerful and feeling capable. Will is also hilarious, kind and professional."

Jared Gruhl

"Working with Will, I realized that some of my biggest perceived weaknesses were actually my biggest strengths."

Kagen Parks