Deep Dive

A year-long personal transformation program

What is a Deep Dive?

In this year long program, broken down into four quarters, you will work thru several 2-day intensive sessions where I’ll guide you through the process of uncovering negative, unconscious patterns; help you discover ways to transform and transmute those patterns into new beneficial behaviors; embody those new behaviors in a way that ground you more deeply into your body; and up-level yourself into someone you’ll barely recognize – for the better!

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How will you benefit?

Through this intensive process you will:

  • Identify your personal set of values that will light up your life
  • Watch anxiety and worry melt away
  • Gain ever greater clarity of purpose
  • Come into a deep authentic relationship with yourself
  • Reduce anxiety and mind chatter
  • 5X the human empowerment you feel about yourself
  • Come to know yourself in a way you could have never imagined

Right now, you are the culmination of every single relationship you have ever had.


1-Year Program Details


Relationship to Self

In this 2 day weekend you will uncover your most heartfelt desires, and discover your unique set of values, see where they came from and learn how to use them most effectively to create the best life imaginable for you!


Relationship to Other

In this 2nd quarter journey you will radically change your relationship to to the one person who has most impacted your life. Let go of many outdated relational patterns and come into a present and authentic relationship with yourself and the person you chose to work on.


Relationship to Partner

In these next two days with Will you will be deepening your relationship with your current romantic partner or developing a path to attract a partner in your life. Remove negative core beliefs that are hindering romantic relationship and changing them to the necessary core beliefs that foster romantic relationship.


Relationship to Higher Self

Dive deeply into the aspects of your life that are most hindering you and transforming them into the ingredients necessary for an inspired life. The next day will be devoted to aligning your mission, your vision, and most important goals to craft the life you desire.


What Clients Are Saying

“Will has a way of comforting while simultaneously pushing his clients to discover the best parts of themselves and get to the truth of who they are.”

Lisa Dion

“Will is my go-to trainer for transformational coaching, an expert in the DeMartini Method, and incredibly gifted counselor. He brings humor and grace to complex topics.

Kyle Willis

"Your life is a reflection of the meaning you've given it. Will's ability to help you balance that out and collapse it is amazing. My life will never be the same. Thank you Will!"

landon porter

"Will is really easy to work with. His energy and animated spirit is safe and feels like you can accomplish dissolving whatever huge boulders you're carrying. Grateful for my experience."