You can powerfully remold any relationship.

Your relationship to yourself and others fundamentally defines your life. When we work together, we co-create the relationships that you most desire, and create a life that dreams are made of.

Primary Offerings


Transformative Workshops

Dive into a world of deep self exploration. Completely rewrite a relationship. Explore your world as you never have before. Will offers a myriad of exciting workshops that help you reshape your relationship to yourself, to those you love and the world you live in.


Year Long
Deep Dive

In this year long program, broken down into four quarters, we will work through four two-day intensives focusing on uncovering what’s limiting you, discovering ways to transform, embodying your new reality and ultimately up-leveling your life.



We transform perceptions together. We will explore all the unturned stones of the experiences that have shaped to you.   You will bring awareness to unconscious patterns and be transformed into the brilliant being you were always meant to be.

“My life will never be the same! In just one day of working with Will, I was able to uncover, process, and resolve issues I have been stuffing down for 40 years!”

Melanie Cross

I'm here to help with...



Stop spinning in worry of what could happen and meet me in the present where true change can happen.



Don’t let depression robs you of a true connection with your loved ones.



Take control of your life by letting go of what isn’t serving you.


Self Resentment

Let go of the critic and come into self-confidence.


Self Gratitude

Connect to your body to clear trauma.


Values Clarity

Know your value and create the life you want.



Take control of your life by letting go of what isn’t serving you.


Somatic Work

Connect to your body to clear trauma and see the beauty of the physical experience.


What Clients Are Saying

“Will has a way of comforting while simultaneously pushing his clients to discover the best parts of themselves and get to the truth of who they are.”

Lisa Dion

“Will is my go-to trainer for transformational coaching, an expert in the DeMartini Method, and incredibly gifted counselor. He brings humor and grace to complex topics.

Kyle Willis

"Your life is a reflection of the meaning you've given it. Will's ability to help you balance that out and collapse it is amazing. My life will never be the same. Thank you Will!"

landon porter

"Will is really easy to work with. His energy and animated spirit is safe and feels like you can accomplish dissolving whatever huge boulders you're carrying. Grateful for my experience."